Our mission is to meet each property's particular requirements, provide unparalleled service to its residents, and maintain and enhance its value. In the process, we are sensitive to the fact that where and how people live is a powerful and complex emotional issue, and to the necessity of balancing the objectives of our client with those of the individual resident/owners.

Why Us?

We oversee building preventative maintenance programs and monitor building mechanical systems which not only allows the building to run efficiently, but also to prevent system failure. This allows us to reduce downtime, lower costs (repairing vs replacing), and to mitigate renter frustrations. Any work done by vendors and contractors in regards to the maintenance and operations of building is overseen by us. We manage the bid process, review bid spec proposals and comparison spreadsheets and make board recommendations as appropriate. Complete inspections of the building, its systems, equipment and outside areas are performed periodically. Surprise inspections are made from time to time, sufficient to keep building staff alert but not so frequent as to interfere with the working relationship so crucial between building staff and corporate management.

We provide financial and administrative oversight, including preparation of annual budgets and capital plans, monthly and quarterly reporting, annual operating expenses and real estate tax reconciliations, variance analysis and rent collection. We work with the Board to establish an annual operating and capital budget and the common charges needed to balance it. To effectuate a balanced budget, we can work with the board to establish a multi-year plan which identifies, anticipates, evaluates and prioritizes the short and long-term needs for the building.

We support the Leasing Specialist in the preparation of lease and/or rental agreements, also assisting in managing tenant option rights and information. We make sure to not only foster, but also maintain strong tenant relationships and solve all complaints properly. We effectively manage and oversee the junior Property Management personnel, ensuring that all buildings staff consistently engages with residents in a courteous, timely and proactive manner on all quality of issues, while also ensuring the building and grounds are in compliance with all required city, state, and federal ordinances and monitor statues and resolution of any open citations.

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